Photo Resist Removal

SU8 Resist Removal

Polymer Removal

Microwave plasma cleaner are an economical way to uniformly, safely, and completely plasma clean.

Photoresist can be removed quite easily with a plasma process, usually with microwave excitation.

SU8 Removal/ Sacrificial Layer Removal


SU8 photoresist can also be removed safely with a microwave plasma process.

It has been proven successfully in many cases for R&D as well as in production.

Polymer Removal


Using a simple plasma process, the radicals created by microwave excitation will easily remove this polymer even from very deep and narrow trenches.

Plasma Descum

Photo Resist Removal

If the corners are SHARP, the metal will NOT overflow! This is a well-known physical effect. The liquid metal cannot overcome the SHARP edge due to its surface tension.

Plasma descum is the process of removing residual photoresist in holes and other deep areas.

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