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Plasma Etching

The Alpha Plasma Asia is a leading provider of Plasma technology to various industries.  The technology is basically used to change the surface of various materials and most importantly, it’s an environment friendly technology. Of course, there are several other uses of Plasma etching as in removal of contaminants, both organic and inorganic, increase in adhesion and bond strength, Photo Resist removal, etc. The technology is needed in various industries like electronic, manufacturing and medical industries to produce useful and durable products. Plasma etching can be both sputtering and chemical and that solely depends on the type of the materials or requirement.

The Plasma etching of Alpha Plasma Asia has received many appreciations over the years for its excellent effectiveness. What’s commendable is the incredible quality of its Plasma etching solution and that too at the most competitive price. We have a wide range of plasma products and services to help you with every single thing related to plasma. The excellence of our Plasma solution is pretty much evident from the increasing demand for our products and services among the various industries. We, on the other hand are in to persistent research and analysis to offer you with more advanced solution and this is something that keeps us ahead of others. Our brilliant team is working day and night to bring about more innovation and advancement in the field of plasma etching by constantly keeping a track of the global trends as well as the growing needs of the various industries. This is certainly not an easy job at all and what it takes is a great deal of dedication towards one’s goal. In our case, we always wanted to help our clients find the right plasma solution for their requirement and we feel glad that we have been consistently able to satisfy our clients so far.

About Us

Alpha Plasma develops and produces world-class, high quality plasma systems for surface activation, cleaning and coating to the semiconductor and compound industries.


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