AL 140

AL 140

√. For processing of large-scale flat substrates
√. For Flat Panel Display, PCB and solar applications
√. Ideally suited for production, R&D and laboratories

About Product

  • Well suit for Plasma surface cleaning treatment.
  • No limitation of materials.
  • Plasma polymerization to change surfaces  from hydrophobic to hydrophilic and vice versa.
  • Enhance adhesive force of bonding / welding.

Plasma Source: Microwave 2.45GHz
Microwave Power: Dual-Source, 2*1200W
Chamber Size: W 850 x D 460 x H 350 mm
Chamber Volume: 140L
Process Gas: 3 standard process gas with MFCs
Chamber Door: Drawer type with UV shield viewing port
Operating System: 10.4” touch panel, Window CE based OS

Vacuum System
Green/ Red/ Yellow Light Tower
Additional Gas Channel