Some of these applications include:
Cleaning – Removes contaminants and residue from material surfaces.
Bonding – Facilitates the direct bonding of materials.

About Product

  • Our robust substrate loader and unloader offers to handle the most sensitive substrates with jam free solutions.
  • Our Innovative ASTRO 96 is a strip level plasma equipment with minimum substrates transportation.
  • ASTRO 96 chamber together with our excellent microwave source can accomodate wide leadframes of about 108mm width with good uinformity.
  • Microwave plasma process, which doesnot cause any surface erosion or redeposition.
  • Chemical cleaning for sensitive devices (No sputtering).
  • High throughput Multi Strip processing.Includes a fully automatic strip & magazine handling system.
  • Especially useful for wide strips which are difficult to process in Magazines.
  • Easy & fast conversion bet. Different strips formats. No special tools required.
  • Strip damage is prevented by use of force sensors.

1. Plasma Generation

Plasma Type: Microwave

Frequency: 2.45GHz

Power: 2×600Watt

2. Load / UnLoad

Handler: Adjustable Two Tier Conveyor

Adjustable Width: 120 mm Max.

Adjustable Length: 110 to 320 mm

Adjustable Height: 60 to 200 mm

3. Chamber

Material: Aluminium

Size: 330(W)×120(H)×420(D)mm

Working area: 320×410mm