Q 240

Q 240

√. Advantages of the Microwave frequency of 2.45 GHz.
√. Removal of photo resist after high dose implantation.
√. After or before wet or dry etching.
√. SU 8 and other resists based on epoxy process.
√. Sacrificial layers in MEMS fabrication.

About Product

The Plasma System series Q prepared for the installation in a cleanroom wall as well as a table top system. The system is suitable for wafers up to 200 mm and designed for semiconductor and microelectronics industry.

Process: chamber Quartz Glass
Volume: 21 liters
Chamber size: diameter 240 mm, dept. 460 mm
Chamber door: aluminum, support rods attached to the door for manual or automatic loading according to the drawer principle, viewing port
Support rods: aluminum, the rods are made by customer requirement
Microwave power: 2.45 GHz, adjustable between 50 and 1200 Watts

Vacuum pump
Gas Channel
Light tower
Process pressure control
Utilities: 1 connection 3/N/PE AC 50/60 Hz 400/240 V 16 A for system and pump
Dimensions: W760 mm × D770 mm × H 775 mm